Saturday, 4 May 2013

Saturday card class make

I got up in a very angry mood this morning.  Thankfully all the cutting of the wretched stem took the sting out of my tail.  Crafting can be very beneficial to letting others stay well!
Ok this week's effort is probably the first one that I've been reasonably pleased with, still not my type of card making but it seems to be improving my stamping ability.

The head of the flower was stamped twice and then the centre of the flower, the stem stamped separately then all coloured, glittered and stuck.  Used some of the Stampendous glass glitter for the first time, I found it a bit large but I guess if you have a design that can take it, it's very nice.
Well back home now and hopefully time to play with an Ali Reeve mask that I bought after my crafting session, am gradually building up my supply of distress inks, I really should make a note of the colours I already have so that I don't duplicate.
Archie is a little put out, he hasn't had the attention he requires and so has brought in another piece of the grey slate from the flower beds and is sitting looking daggers, knowing full well that the slate will be taken away .......... well it gets my attention.


  1. The card is lovely, I don't have a lot of patience with stamping at the moment. Archies does look a little peeved lol He is gorgeous though xx

  2. He is gorgeous, I thank goodness I have him every day. He's guaranteed to give me a laugh :) xxx And thank you for the comment on the card. I find stamping a bit of a task, I usually find my stamp slips and blurs xx

  3. Pretty card, pretty colours here Elaine... and I just adore Archie. What a little love.x

    1. Thanks Eileen. Archie has a little fan club locally, he gets treats from one of the old ladies across the road, all round the neighbourhood people have come to know him and he always gets cuddles on his walks, there are a few old chaps that like to get a cuddle off him as well ......... sod me ...... just the dog lol. He also has a group of doggie fans, mostly bozo types but they love playing with the little chap. I daresay though, that Daisy, Holly & Snowflake have a local fan club.

  4. This is a lovely card...I love the colours and your stamping is great. That photo of Archie made me LOL xxx