Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hopefully this link will take you to my album on flickr
 where amongst the doggie pics are a few cards.
Having run thru some of my old files I've found a few more cards that were made for family members.
New baby card for my great niece
This was a request from a family member for the same baby

and yet another request for same baby

Card for my nephew ...... he's in decorating and building

Wedding card box for nephew and his new wife, can't seem to find the card which went with it but I'm sure it's somewhere in the depths of my files.
It seems ages since I've really sat down and made decent cards, I seemed to have lost my mojo.  Hopefully while I learn some of the newer techniques and enjoy doing it, I'll find my mojo again.

Here's a few I did earlier just so that people know I can make a reasonable card when I'm not learning new techniques.  These are just some that I was particularly pleased with.

Monday, 29 April 2013


Ok this was the first attempt at blending my pan pastels ............ things can only get better.
I got brave and thought I'd stamp on it just to see what it was like, so I found a couple of random stamps and some distress inks ......... not a good design but as I say it was just an experiment
Yes I know, don't give up my day job ......... next time I might improve a little.  Who knows this time next year I might crack it :)

This was an experiment last week, using a Sweet Poppy Stencil, some distress inks, paste and some clear glass micro beads.  Better than my first effort with coloured micro beads.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Not such a lazy day

Well Archie had me up at 5.30, he wanted breakfast, I thought he wanted to go in the garden ........ hmmm we had a slight disagreement. Sent Archie back to bed without breakfast.  Had a rather busy day, shopping, setting up new pc, washing and drying.  No cards made today, where has the day gone?
Hopefully by next week I'll be more organised and have something to show.  I do have the card made at the card class yesterday but wouldn't dream of showing it, it's abysmal.  I think I may have to re-think the card class.  I haven't been impressed with the makes at all, they seem to be taking me backwards.  The company is good and we have a good giggle, but I'd prefer to have lessons where I'm learning techniques which are going to bring good results.
On a good note, my lovely son is treating me to a take away tonight. Not much time left before I start the whole week off again.

1st Lazy Sunday

Morning all.  At last I have arrived in blogland.  I hope to share my success's from my craft room, so blogs may be few and far between.  Anyway, I'll see how I get on with this blog, arriving at this point is somewhat of a success.