Saturday, 25 May 2013


I've only been playing today, so no results to show but I have a top tip to share ........ some of you will probably had done this anyway, but today I thought I had a brainwave ..... so let me pat myself on the back for a minute even if you have done it. Put an empty laminating folder thru your laminating machine then put it thru a die cutting machine with different size circles (or any other shape you want) you then have different size masks for suns, moons, you also have the positive and negative ...... came in very handy and the inks, pastels just wipe off.
Saves keep cutting bits of paper and throwing them away after one use ........ see ....... skinflint or what, also the ink isn't wasted as it acts similar to one of these inky mats, obviously not as good but every little helps ;) x

A couple of pics of Archie with his chew, while he was waiting for me to finish playing before going out for his evening walk.


  1. That's a great idea Elaine....I've bought some more laminating folders, ran them through then chopped in half. Now I have loads of A5 pieces to cut with dies....I can then use the negative on any size card xx

    1. I can't believe my little lonely brain cell worked :) xx