Saturday, 31 August 2013


Today I've done four bags, three of them I've personalised with names and this one is for me.
As you can just see, Archie kept an eye on me with the hot iron.

These were done with Lavinia download and bags are from hobbycraft.
I've run out of transfer paper, so off tomorrow to get another pack.
I really love the downloads, they make it so easy to do a quick little pressie.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Great Nieces and T Shirts August Lavinia stamp challenge

Ok, so today I've got some more Lavinia downloads and jazzed up a couple of plain white t shirts for my little great nieces.  I've personalised them with their names on.

So above is the front of Sienna's t shirt, forgive the photography and the camera strap.

The back of the t shirt

The front of Daisy's t shirt

and the back.
I love the Lavinia downloads and thought this image lends itself to little girls tops.
Just one small problem now, what do I do for Dylan, my great nephew.
I'll be trawling through some boyish images, so that he doesn't feel left out.
The quality of the downloaded images is second to none and you get a really good result when ironing onto a cotton top.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Playing about

Yesterday I had time for a play around with inks and stencils, here's a few of the results.
This is one of the Sweet Poppy stencils, used with the gold paste.
Another Sweet Poppy stencil, used with inks, translucent paste and micro beads.  Not too sure about this one, maybe a different coloured background i.e. black or without micro beads, will have some more plays and see if I can't improve on this one.
Lastly, Lavinia stamps.  I used the texture stamp and the mushrooms, along with pan pastels.
I have an idea to try a theatre card using the same stamps but giving it more depth.  So today I might be doing a lot of intricate cutting out, hope patience is with me.
When I've finished today's experiments, I hope to have time to mount them as cards.
Ideas using acetate are also popping thru my head.

Right, dog walking time then down to some serious playing.
Happy crafting all.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Storage for stamps

I get so fed up with hunting for stamps, I've decided to make myself a sensible system.  Hopefully this will also keep them in good condition, rather than them all being on top of each other in a draw.
Probably not a new idea, but seemed a good idea to me.

I bought a cheap ring binder and played around with a Lavinia download.

I stuck all my stamps on to acetate and put that into pockets.

I can see them all now at a glance and they're stored in a tidy group.
These are of course my favourite stamps.  Hopefully the collection will be growing soon.
I'm thinking of doing something similar with my Sweet Poppy Stencils but that will require some magnetic sheets in the near future.
If only I could get my act together and get the rest of my craft room organised, I could spend more time playing and less time hunting.
Happy crafting all.