Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I've been playing in the craft room today.  Firstly I had another go with a Sweet Poppy Stencil, the daffodil, just getting in a bit more practice.
Secondly, I thought I might have another play with the clock now that the paint had dried.  So it's been a bit of a messy day, but it's kept me out of mischief.
I was quite pleased with cutting the circle and not making it into an oval, so that was stuck down onto the base.
Next, I decoupaged with a matching paper.
Then I added the crackle glaze, so far it hasn't crackled but I'm guessing it will over the next few hours.   The numbers and workings were then added when the glaze had dried.  Anyways it may be not masterpiece but it's working, so I'll be able to tell the time in the kitchen, which is all good, especially when I'm cooking.......... otherwise I have to rely on the smoke alarm.
Here's the result of the play with the daffodil stencil, I'm still having a little trouble blending, but I guess this will come in time.  I hope so anyways.
I'm getting the hang of handling the micro beads anyways .......... not quite so many running around the craft room today.
I have booked into one of Eileen's workshops, just to keep Barbara company, to meet Daisy, Holly & Snowflake and also to learn first hand some of Eileen's lovely techniques.
So look out Kent because I'm coming on 17th May, lock up your men!!! and put padlocks on the bar!!!!


  1. You are getting good with the micro beads. God help the men in Kent. xxxx

  2. I love the clock....and will love it even more when you've corrected the '6'...;-) and I really like what you've done with the stencil. I've never even had time to look at mine for 2 weeks. And please don't think I'm sharing my Alan with you in Kent, 'cos he's mine, all mine! (I'll help you find a fella though, in the pub next to the guest house, hahahaha)

    1. fook what's wrong with the 6???????? I don't do roman numerals. Nooooo I don't want some random ........ I'm staying single ....... am fed up with frogs lol xxx

    2. The six says FOUR lol xxx

    3. hahahahaha I had a look at school at our clocks ..... oh well, the calibre of visitors I have will never spot the "deliberate" error ;) xx

  3. I think your find the workshop is the 18th Hun not the 17th Illl see you there too! Should be fun, I love how you've done the clock, I love that French style really delicate and pretty, and the daffodil looks great, you've really got the hang of it now! I've not had a go with the micro beads in ths way yet! Xxx

  4. Super clock ... and keep it to Four!... Tea and choc cake time!
    You are doing really well with the stencils and beads... very pretty.
    So looking forward to seeing you, Barbara and Zoe again soon.
    Maybe I'll have to organises a WS just for LPP members!
    E xx

    1. Trust me to get my numerals round the wrong way ........ I've decided to leave it ..... rather than risk ruining the bottom trying to get the beautifully stuck down numeral off. For the first time I have stuck something and it seems to be staying stuck ........ however, if at some time it falls off, I'll put it back the correct way. I can't wait for the WS either and a LPP members one would be brilliant but I'm not sure we'd get much crafting done, too much giggling I think :) xx