Sunday, 28 April 2013

Not such a lazy day

Well Archie had me up at 5.30, he wanted breakfast, I thought he wanted to go in the garden ........ hmmm we had a slight disagreement. Sent Archie back to bed without breakfast.  Had a rather busy day, shopping, setting up new pc, washing and drying.  No cards made today, where has the day gone?
Hopefully by next week I'll be more organised and have something to show.  I do have the card made at the card class yesterday but wouldn't dream of showing it, it's abysmal.  I think I may have to re-think the card class.  I haven't been impressed with the makes at all, they seem to be taking me backwards.  The company is good and we have a good giggle, but I'd prefer to have lessons where I'm learning techniques which are going to bring good results.
On a good note, my lovely son is treating me to a take away tonight. Not much time left before I start the whole week off again.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your first creation.
    Have fun and many congratulations on staring your blog. As Archie is waking you up so early, I shall expect a 'post' every day before you leave for work xxx

  2. hahahahaha, you'll be lucky, I have enough trouble getting my eyes open at the normal time. xx

  3. You will soon have a blog to rival Daisy and OTL xxx

    1. No way, Daisy does a wonderful blog, gives me so many giggles with her, Holly and Snowflakes antics .... I almost feel sorry for OTL at times xx