Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Having run thru some of my old files I've found a few more cards that were made for family members.
New baby card for my great niece
This was a request from a family member for the same baby

and yet another request for same baby

Card for my nephew ...... he's in decorating and building

Wedding card box for nephew and his new wife, can't seem to find the card which went with it but I'm sure it's somewhere in the depths of my files.
It seems ages since I've really sat down and made decent cards, I seemed to have lost my mojo.  Hopefully while I learn some of the newer techniques and enjoy doing it, I'll find my mojo again.


  1. All beautiful cards, Elaine.....Glad you're finally showing the World what you do xx

    1. Aww thanks Barbara, it's been a long time though since I've made a card I've been happy with. I know I made lots of xmas cards this year and sold about 50 as well but it didn't really feel the same. My mojo seemed to go walk about when Scrapz died and then cuddles with Archie took over. He's still the priority but it will be nice to learn new things and play xx

  2. I agree with Barbara. they are all gorgeous. But we know you can do it. Now everyone else will know as well xxxx