Sunday, 4 August 2013

Storage for stamps

I get so fed up with hunting for stamps, I've decided to make myself a sensible system.  Hopefully this will also keep them in good condition, rather than them all being on top of each other in a draw.
Probably not a new idea, but seemed a good idea to me.

I bought a cheap ring binder and played around with a Lavinia download.

I stuck all my stamps on to acetate and put that into pockets.

I can see them all now at a glance and they're stored in a tidy group.
These are of course my favourite stamps.  Hopefully the collection will be growing soon.
I'm thinking of doing something similar with my Sweet Poppy Stencils but that will require some magnetic sheets in the near future.
If only I could get my act together and get the rest of my craft room organised, I could spend more time playing and less time hunting.
Happy crafting all.


  1. This system is very similar to the one I use for my Lavinia Stamps Elaine... only yours is much prettier as well as practical!
    Have you ordered all your 'prize' stamps yet?
    Will they fit in?
    E xxx

    1. I haven't yet, I wasn't sure how to go about it, whether they contact me or I contact them..... I've just been stamping with some of my stamps, it's made it so much easier to find them. The cards didn't turn out right so it's back to the drawing board, I need another workshop with you :) xxx

  2. Hi Lazy Sunday, oh this is such a good idea, I have mine on acetate, but they are in a drawer. This makes much more sense, I may have to borrow it from you :-)

    1. Actually, Eileen has an even better system, she has the pockets in her folder, the ones that hold photo's, that gives even better ways of holding them neatly, I'm going to get some of the pocket ones and up date this folder :) x

  3. Great idea could use a similar thing for your stencils, just with some backing card to keep the see-through thingy rigid xx You can get A5 binders, which would mean 1 pocket for each stencil xx